Innovation in Payments

During the last few months, Yak Pay has continued to innovate and has launched a number of great new features. With everything that is currently going on, it might be easy to have missed some of these announcements, so we thought that we would summarise all of these exciting announcements here in one place for you.


In April we launched Negotiator, which allows businesses to negotiate early payment discounts with ther suppliers (while using the interest free period available on their credit card).

To learn more about Yak Pay's Negotiator functionality, please click here.

Google Authenticator

Later in April we added Google Authenticator as a new multi-factor authentication option. Our customers can now choose either SMS authentication or Google Authenticator as their preferred method to keep their accounts safe.

Multiple Cards

In May, we added a new option to use more than one credit card for any payment file submission. This option makes it easier for our customers to process an entire weekly/monthly payments file when they may not have enough available credit on a single card. Cards are processed in order, which can be configured using our new "drag and drop" easy to use page.

Invoice Upload

In June we started a trial of a new Invoice Upload feature to a selected small group of clients. The new Invoice Upload feature allows users to simply upload a copy of their invoice and all payment details are automatically scanned. After a successful limited trial, our new Invoice Upload feature will become available to all customers in late July, 2020.


You asked for it, so we built it! You are now able to make payments to BPAY Billers where the invoice only contains BPAY payment details. When adding a new payee, you have the option to save either EFT or BPAY details. After you make a payment, we forward the funds to the BPAY Biller as per your instructions.

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